PBA player Rome dela Rosa has some words on the Hoopery Holiday Drive

PBA player Rome dela Rosa has some words on the Hoopery Holiday Drive

Rome dela Rosa of the Magnolia Hotshots is making some moves to get donations to those in need in the Phillipines. Rome talks about the importance of basketball in the Filipino community and what things people can donate to help out the cause  He's asking for The Hoopery community for help to get things done for the Holidays.
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How do you feel about the current state of basketball within the Filipino culture and community?

For me, basketball is really big for the Filipino culture. Here in the Philippines, everyone here loves basketball. You can see courts everywhere. Kids playing barefooted. In their 'tsinelas’. You know they love basketball and that’s what brings us all together. Ball is life out here.

What do you think would help contribute most? Clothes? Shoes? Toys?

Honestly speaking, I think any donation would be perfect. You know to be able to help out others is a wonderful thing. But I think clothes and shoes are probably the best thing to donate just cause the fact they can rock it on the daily and them looking fresh.

How do you plan on delivering the donated goods that you will receive?

As of right now we are doing the Hoopery Drive through the PBA Alagang foundation. I spoke to the commissioner and he gave me the go signal. But I’m still trying to finalize everything and make sure The Hoopery has to be on there. You know get that shout out. You guys are the ones who thought about this. Jeremiah, big shout out to you and the rest of your Hoopery team. Hopefully I can bring on other guys, other PBA players. I’m sure they’ll be able to document it through the TV network of the PBA. Something to be on the lookout for.

What do you look forward most regarding these donations?

All I’m looking forward to the most is just seeing the smiles on people’s faces. It’s the holidays. It’s Christmas time. It’s the time of giving. Hopefully this isn’t the first and last we do the Hoopery drive. I want this to be bigger through the years and be an annual thing. Shout out to Jeremiah and The Hoopery.

You can support and follow Rome through his journey on his Instagram account.


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