Our Community- From Surviving To Thriving: The Hoopery Covid-19 Donation Fund

Our Community- From Surviving To Thriving: The Hoopery Covid-19 Donation Fund

Life has changed drastically and unimaginably within the past few months. Means of employment and ways of working have been upended, while lines of communication have been disrupted. Our communities are now settling into new rhythms, as we collectively accept that “normal” no longer exists.

Now, in these unprecedented times, connection and communication have never been more important. As we all feel the impact of this new uncertain world first-hand, this gives us, The Hoopery Family, a unique opportunity to support the world, while strengthening our connection with it as well.

Mindfully, we look into the heart of our organization, The Hoopery, and put our purpose and values into perspective.

Your generosity has allowed us, to donate to local hospitals in the San Diego area, in a more philanthropic way. Your unselfishness, has provided proper protective equipment to our “Front Line” workers, so they may continue to help save lives amidst this pandemic of COVID-19. Your unwavering support has allowed The Hoopery, to offer comfort where possible and assistance where it was needed most. Your response to a situation that challenged our unity, has made a positive and much needed change. Because of you, we thank you.

At the heart of it all, you used this challenge we face, to bring The Hoopery Family closer together. The world is watching, as you were all the key in unlocking unlimited potential. Thank you.

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