By popular demand, we are excited to announce that we are now accepting Brand Ambassador applications. 

Our intent for this program, will cultivate a sense of exclusivity & prestige for our Brand Ambassadors, as we aim to actively build our company culture. The Hoopery Brand Ambassador program aligns wholly with our mission, 'To empower our community to achieve more. 

Please answer & email the following questions below to 

  • Application Questions
    • Provide your website, social handles, etc.
    • Provide examples of work/samples of portfolio.
    • Explain a time where you had to do collaborative work to achieve a goal.
    • Explain how you encountered an obstacle in your life and how you’ve overcome it.
    • What can you contribute to the Brand Ambassador team?
    • How can The Hoopery improve as a brand?
    • What’s your personal experience with basketball?
    • Do you have any fashion experience? If so, explain. 
    • What’s your favorite team or who is your favorite player?
  • If selected, our Founders, Jeremiah & Ellison will contact you via email within 10-14 business days in order to schedule an interview with you. 

Thank you for your time & consideration and we can't wait to have you join #TeamHoopery!

Contact us

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