Bubble Collection & The Return of Equality

Bubble Collection & The Return of Equality

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This coming ‘FW20 Bubble’ Collection will be a collection to remember. While working with my design teamEllison Maniego and Rickey Santos, we wanted to create these timeless pieces where10, 15,or 20 years down the road we could still bring these out as a sort of a timestamp of the crazy year we all lived through in 2020.

Our goal for this design is to highlight the Bubble’s best moments, for example,the trash talk and mocking between the Clippers & Damian Lillard, Lou Will exiting the bubble for some “chicken wings”, to DBook absolutely showing OUT going undefeated in his fight for a playoff spot.We also wanted to represent the way people are living through the pandemic and the importance of wearing a mask, so we created our ‘Mask On’ concept paying homage to the players who wore masks with a comic book superhero theme twist. 

So far, the NBA is the first and only professional sports league to successfully continue the season without any positive COVID casesA factor that contributed greatly to this is where every single player is literally stuck in a bubble, known as Disney World. These teams have to play without any fans and this may be a reason why every game is so competitive because there is no home team advantage. Everyone in the world, including uswanted to see the Western Conference Finals of the Battle of LA, but with the rising young team of the Denver Nuggets, that media headline was quickly shattered. The Bubble highlighted so many duos such as Dame and Melo, Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler, Lebron and AD, and Kawhi and PG. Therefore, in our design, we also created a concept to highlight these ‘Bubble Duos’ that we are extremely excited to drop for the fanatics out there.

Although Basketball returned, there was always a risk of it ending-and not only by COVID. With the recent killings of unarmed black men making headlines across the nation, the screams for help became unbearable and the Bucks were the first team to boycott their game, which in result,the rest of the NBA followed. There was talk of players not wanting to play because of what was going on outside of the bubble. The overall feeling among thewas that it was more than a game at this point,they needed to take action and speak out loudly for their brothers,sisters, fathers,mothers, and children. As you all know from my last letter sent out recently, I will continue to use my platform for the greater good and to stand up for my black brotherand sisters. To continue this fight,we will be bringing back our Equality collection which has our Shoot Hoops Not People, Equality, and new ‘Don’t Shoot’ tees and we will announce further details into that project later. Lastly,as a token of our appreciation we will have another 8 hour shock drop during launch day for something special for Team Hoopery.

Our Bubble Collection will be an exclusive, one of a kind, collection for the ages.Our goal is to produce timeless pieces that years from now will bring on nostalgic memories of living through a pandemic, division, injustice, and the sport of basketball like we have never seen before. Like they always say, tough times don’t last, tough people do. See You Guys Soon and Stay Tuned!

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