Why I Use The Hoopery As My Voice - Letter From The CEO

Why I Use The Hoopery As My Voice - Letter From The CEO

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Team Hoopery,

The purpose of this is to share just a little bit more about myself for you all to grasp and understand why I use The Hoopery platform as my voice about important social issues. On our Hoopery YouTube channel, there is our ‘About The Hoopery’ video where I share how the Hoopery started and what we are all about. A part of me was hesitant to share some opinions publicly because of how things are currently with this country but I felt that it was such an important piece to my story. I feel like I owe it to you all to be able to share that story as it has contributed greatly into creating this brand. To the best supporters I could have ever asked for, I am truly blessed to have all of you. You guys really keep this brand going and I want to share this story with you.



            I was born in Okinawa, Japan on a United States Naval Base. Since my dad was a US citizen but my mom was not at that time, there was a law that made me a Philippine Citizen by default. I am a citizen of a country I have never set foot in, isn’t that something? To make matters worse, I came to America at about 2 months old and the airport mistakenly stamped my passport as a TOURIST which created many problems for me. Despite this issue, my dad served 26 years as a Senior Chief in the Navy so I was always in good standing, I went to school no problem, and was able to go to my doctor for checkups. However, the one thing I could not do was get a job until I was 21 years old because my Social Security card had a nice “Not Valid For Employment” on it. Eventually, my family had to hire a lawyer who helped me receive my green card to get a job and start my process of getting naturalized where I now am eligible to apply for citizenship.


            This plays such an important factor in my story because up until the age of 21, I would make money off reselling some of my basketball shoes, and recycling water bottles and cans. At age 17 is when I met my wife, and that is how I was able to take her out to eat once a week. When I received my green card is when I joined Respiratory Therapy program and created The Hoopery Instagram. If you also follow The Hoopery Family Youtube channel, in our latest video, I announced that I quit my hospital job to fulfill my dreams and passion to pursue The Hoopery full time. (include link to video here).  Now I am 28 years old and I have made it a goal to apply for citizenship this year but sadly it won’t be in time for this year’s election. Since I legally cannot vote, this is where my passion and drive to use this platform comes from. I want to be able to still use my voice and stand up for what I believe is right.


            This next Fall/Winter 20’ Bubble Collection will feature a restock of our Equality collection, some EXCLUSIVE Bubble Inspired Designs, Introduction of Rocky our alter ego mascot, and a LIMITED TIME SENSITIVE 8 HOUR drop as a special thank you and appreciation for everyone’s patience during this time of transition and growth. We will also be finalizing our Equality donation this week and announce our next project shortly. We will not release anything new until we fulfill all current and pending orders so please stay tuned, stay notified, and follow closely as we gear up for a historical collection we will remember forever.

All Love,



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