The Hoopery: Evolution

The Hoopery: Evolution

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They say that change is the only constant in life, & that's certainly the case for our Brand in 2022. 

Successful evolution has three components: a vision, orientation, and a strategy. Years ago, The Hoopery found it's identity, not only as a Brand but as a community of likeminded enthusiasts between Basketball & Streetwear Culture. At that time, we remastered iconic Basketball moments into Street Art on clothes while gaining unwavering support from all of you. 

But The Hoopery heritage stems further than when we first started as a Brand. While our core & traditional values remain the same, we've noticed that through this period of innovation & the same type of nostalgia - we're able to fuse our creative imagination into a modern image. 

So what does this mean for The Hoopery's Future?

  • Limited & more exclusive releases: We want all of you to feel a sense of exclusivity when rockin' your gear & limiting our releases accomplishes that. 
  • MORE releases - smaller in collection size: Collections will not only be a 1:1, but smaller collections allow us to manufacture & fulfill faster & more efficiently. YOU all come first, and helped pave the way for our success. 
  • Designs for you, by you: We continue to accept your feedback, it allows us to go back to the drawing board & really try to tell a story behind the designs. 
  • We will still have products available on site, but specific designs & collaborations will be exclusive to the start and end date announced of that release. 

YOU all paved the way for our success, and as our fan base & community grows - we grow with you. 

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