Thoughts On The Upcoming All-Star 22' Weekend Release

Thoughts On The Upcoming All-Star 22' Weekend Release

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This upcoming All Star weekend feels a bit different to me this year. I kind of feel like it’s the passing of the torch from one era to the next.

With a generation of future HOF’ers coming to an end such as Lebron, CP3, Melo, and even KD.

Although they are still elite, there is no beating Father Time (unless your initials are LBJ, he doesn’t count lol).

I remember I used to worry about the future of the league when these stars eventually hang ‘em up for the last time but with the young bucks leading the charge like Ja Morant, Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Giannis, Embiid, Zach Lavine etc …

I feel like the league will be in good hands moving forward. 

I would be lying to say that All Star Weekend has ALWAYS brought the most nostalgia to me.

To see a collective of the the world's very best to showcase why they get paid the big bucks is truly an amazing sight and a rare experience to witness.

From the lobs passes, to the insane in game dunks, it’s pure entertainment. 

This All Star Collection features our ‘Out of this World’ Concepts based of inspo from vintage hoops posters from back in the 90’s.

As always we will be paying homage to the Greatest Players ever do it, MJ & Kobe. 

Lastly, our last launch we had some technical difficulties which greatly affected our user experience + with all of the supply chain issues we have been pushing this launch back so this hasn’t been the smoothest collections to prep for but we made it and we’re here now.

To Thank you guys for rocking with us we want to to drop not one but THREE unreleased SUPER EXCLUSIVE 8th Wonder Twill hoodies paying homage to a kid who went from Highschool to his first All Star game.
Do  I need to say anymore? You guys know what to do. SUBSCRIBE to our VIP list to get full launch details so you won’t miss a beat! 

Happy Launch Week Team.

With Love,
Jeremiah, CEO

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